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The Winner of XXIII Edition of Concorso are…

1st Prize:
Mohammad Amin Sharifi, twenty-four year old Iranian musician, contemporary and classical composer, sound Artist. Mr. Sharifi is a young – yet award-winning – artist who won the 1st prize of Concorso with a score titled “TrombionOphone or Riders in the Field of Hope”. His piece is a musical experience that stands to represent the understanding and respect for diverse opinions and ideas.

2nd Prize:
Maestro Paolo Cognetti, Italian composer and pianist who previously took part in this competition, winning the second prize in 2015. This multifaceted and award-winning composer doubles his wins by taking home the 2nd prize thanks to the score “C(y|ir)cles. In cerca della a-dualità”, a piece for accordion and orchestra.

3rd Prize:
Lorenzo Fiorentini, twenty year old Italian artist who, despite his young age, won several national competitions. Mr. Fiorentini takes home his first international prize thanks to Concorso 2Agosto third place, with a piece titled “J-Rhapsody”, dedicated to the cultured and jazz music contaminations of the twentieth century.


Marco Betta (Italy) – President
Alessandro Castelli (Italy)
Andrea Portera (Italy)
Enzo Filippetti (Italy)
Ivano Battiston (Italy)
Fabrizio Festa (Italy) – Artistic Director


Concorso 2 Agosto is proud to announce the program of XXIII Edition that will take place in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna at 9:15 pm on August 2nd 2017 to remind the day in memory of the Victims of the Bologna Train Station Bombing of 1980.

Below the program of the evening:
Final Concert of the Twenty-Third Edition of the International Composing Competition “2 Agosto”
Piazza Maggiore – Bologna
August 2nd, 2017 – 9:15pm
Fondazione Toscanini Orchestra 
Badrìa Razem – Voice
Ivano Battiston – Accordion
Alessandro Castelli – Trombone
Enzo Filippetti – Saxophone
Tommaso Colafiglio – Electric Guitar
Francesco La Capra – Electric Bass
Francesco Rondinone – Drums
Italo Bianco – Video creation
Antonio Colangelo – Video direction
Oddrun Eikli –  Avatar voice
Thank you for your cooperation
Dora Maria Sacco
Maria Cristina Sacco
Simona Spinella
••• ••• ••• Programme ••• ••• •••
“Tre per Tre”
Piece commissioned by the International Composing Competition “2 Agosto”
to the winners of the “Premio Veretti” – World Premiere 
Sail through your eyes for alto saxophone and orchestra, by Federico Torri
Geghard” for voice, accordion and orchestra, by Benedetta Zamboni
Paráclitus for trombone and orchestra, by Jacopo Aliboni
••• ••• •••
for saxophone and orchestra, by Lorenzo Fiorentini
Third Prize
“C(y|ir)cles. In cerca della a-dualitа”
for accordion and orchestra, by Paolo Cognetti
Second Prize
“TrombionOphone or Riders in the Field of Hope”
for saxophone, accordion, trombone and orchestra, by Mohammad Amin Sharifi
First Prize
••• ••• •••
Also Sprach Eumir: Deodato revisited
arrangement and orchestration by Aurelio Zarrelli from Also Spach Zarathustra (Strauss/Deodato)
and Do It Again (Deodato)
Commissioned by the International Composing Competition “2 Agosto” – World Premiere